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Oil Inject - Screw
Oil-Injected screw Compressor

The Fusheng SAV series employs a sophisticated and patented helical rotor tooth design. By combining a specially-made one-piece casing. an intelligent variable-frequency drive, and a control system, the Fusheng screw series compressor is able to feature high levels of efficiency, low energy consumption, and constant loading. It runs on 22kW to 220kW horsepower with a discharge volume ranging from 1.30m3/min to 42.0m3/min (operating pressures from 7.0kg/cm2G to 13.0kg/cm2G) and meets the international energy efficiency standards. The well-balanced, low vibration, quiet, and overall ergonomic designs enable easy maintenance and space planning, featuring the advanced and thoughtful design of the high-efficiency flow field in the cooling channel and high-precision oil filter. The specially designed variable-frequency drive and FUZZY output feedback control can automatically adjust energy consumption based on the actual operating conditions to save more than 30% of operating costs. The SAV series screw air compressor comes with a computerized self-diagnostic safety protection feature and it is an industrial grade compressor designed for wide industrial applications.

The Fusheng SAV series is verified by TUV Rheinland, a third-party testing laboratory. The design of the compressed air system is based on the five elements (the 5 S’s) that we want our products to provide for the customers - security protection (Safety), ease of Service (Service), stability and reliability (Stable), the international certification (Specification - compliant) and Energy Saving (Cost Saving).


Working Pressure:7 ~ 12 kg/cm2G

Air Delivery:0.4 ~ 52.9 m3/min

Motor Power:10 ~575 HP

Model (VSD) Working Pressure (kg/c㎡G) Delivery(m³/min) Motor Power(kW) Motor Power(HP) Voltage(V)- 60Hz
SAV+ 08 7 0.64~1.27 7.5 10 220/380/440
SAV+ 08 8 0.59~1.18 7.5 10 220/380/440
SAV+ 08 10 0.50~0.99 7.5 10 220/380/440
SAV+ 08 12 0.40~0.80 7.5 10 220/380/440
SAV+ 08-R 7 0.64~1.27 7.5 10 220/380/440
SAV+ 08-R 8 0.59~1.18 7.5 10 220/380/440
SAV+ 08-R 10 0.50~0.99 7.5 10 220/380/440
SAV+ 08-R 12 0.40~0.80 7.5 10 220/380/440
SAV+ 08-T 7 0.64~1.27 7.5 10 220/380/440


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